Some people come to therapy with a good idea of what it is troubling them.  Others have only a sense that something isn't working in their life.  Our sessions will attempt to address whatever you believe is the problem, but there are other gains that are commonly experienced in therapy.   Below I have outlined a few of these:

Increased self awareness - Each of us has blind spots around our attitudes, behaviours and ways of relating.  Sometimes we unwittingly add to the conflict in our lives.  Our sessions are very likely to help you to become more self aware, and to experience healthier relationships.

Understanding patterns and themes  - Through the process of therapy, you may start to become aware of themes that have run through your life, often from a very young age.  Exploration of the important relationships and events in your life can enhance your understanding of why you function in particular ways, as well as helping you to see how you might change those patterns that feel self-defeating or unhelpful.

Catharsis - Having the opportunity to express feelings in a contained and non-judgemental space can be liberating, and this is one of the gains in any good counselling or therapy. 

Meaning - Therapy may help you to attach new meaning to your life, and to see the events in your life differently.  Sometimes life is challenging, difficult or traumatic.  Whilst the past can not be changed, our view and perspective might sometimes alter, enabling us to move forward in a different way. 

Challenging thinking habits - The human mind is habit forming.  Sometimes our thinking styles become habitually unhelpful.  Therapy should help you to identify any patterns that are making your life harder, and help you to consider if you might like to work on these ways of thinking about the world.